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K101 MOD E-CIG with IC Protection Chip, KeCig K101, K100 plus

K101 Mechanical Mod

2013  newest telescopic storm k101 e-cig


1. Telescopic Storm

The battery tube is telescopic model,we provide 1pc ICR18350 and 1pc ICR18650 dry battery. Choose the dry battery you want and put it into the tube, tighten the bottom, press the button on the bottom, it can light-up automatically when you suck the drip tip.

2. Strong material & unique design

The whole body is made of copper chrome, the filter tube is made of aluminum alloy which is anti caustic and stronger.

The real metal painting make it elegant and much valuable.

3.Powerful atomizer

This atomizer is powerful, only several drops make huge puffs, save money save time.